Lale Youth International School has been qualified for International Environment Scientific Project Olympiad-INESPO which will be held in Amsterdam between 3rd and 7th June. There are a total 31 countries and 150 projects which will participate in this international competition. There are many Asian, Turkic and European countries in the competition as well as Turkey, USA and Mexico. INESPO is a young project Olympiad and this year Netherlands is organizing this competition for second time.

Maldives will be represented by 1 student, Mohamed Anas Hussain in Grade 9 at Lale Youth International School. His project is Bio-Fueled Stirling Engine and LYIS has already made the presentation of the project in the Mathemania Award Ceremony night. It is about burning saw dusts and generating electricity by using Stirling Engine. The Stirling Engine is the machine which is working in a repeated cycle. The gas from burning saw dusts are going into engine and the engine is pushed up by the gas and starts to work in repeated cycle and gains a kinetic energy. This kinetic energy rotates a rubber belt which is connected to a led bulb`s step up motor. At the end this led light flashes on constantly.